The Netherlands,2022.

Photoreportage "Van Life" is about people who live in their car or van all year round. During the day they usually have a " normal" job and in the evening they sleep in their vehicle. It is a new form of homelessness that is quite unknown and under-reported in the Netherlands and has only increased since the corona crisis. Homelessness has many different forms and it is accompanied by a big taboo, shame and stereotypes, it is much broader than what people think. Because of high prices, housing shortages, even middle-income people can sometimes find themselves in a situation where they can't get housing. Just something has to happen like a divorce or a serious illness and suddenly your whole world can be turned upside down. It is illegal in the Netherlands to live in your car without having a post address. Living in their car or van because they cannot find housing is becoming the reality of more and more people. This serie is part of a journalistic project called Het Beelddepot which has as objective challenging our perceptions about homelessness in the media, to show that it is much broader than people think and that it has many different aspects.

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