Black Gold in Congo

Congo being one of the richest country in the world for it's natural resources, has faced intensive conflicts for the last decade. It's minerals are it's curse. Oil exploration in the DR Congo is a new threat to the stability of a war-torn country. Exploration has taken place in North Kivu and it's bringing new tensions within the local communities and it's neighboring countries. Fighting in Eastern Congo has only been increasing since the start of 2012, with renewed recent new threats around Goma and it's surroundings. Armed groups like the M23 are fighting for territory expansion. Virunga park, which is seen as one of the oldest National park of Africa, was already dealing with many challenges, is facing a new matter. It's existence is highly under threat with the Oil exploration projects. Local communities living on the edge of the park, or from fishery on the Lake Edward are under significant menace for their resources. 

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